February 2019

Diverse Groups Offering a Variety of Events.

As a catholic centre committed to faith and dialogue, we are blessed to welcome diverse groups who offer a variety of events.  All these events are booked directly with the groups themselves, and we are glad to be able to host so many. For instance:  * This Saturday, the Abbey Presbyterian church has its monthly Oasis day – details here: www.facebook.com/events/2011117858983008/ * In March we welcome Kosi for Satsang, and in May we welcome back Arienne and Wali for Universal dances of peace [...]

World Day of Prayer

World Day of Prayer 2019 will be celebrated worldwide on Friday, March 1, 2019! WDP is a global ecumenical movement led by Christian women who welcome you to join us in prayer and action for peace and justice. The women of Slovenia have written an exciting service based on the Bible story Luke 14:15-24. The invitation has been sent – Come, Everything is Ready!

Building Bridges Between The Different Faiths!

“Bridges don’t fall from the sky, they don’t rise from the ground. People build them” (Eboo Patel)   Sisters of Faith for Peace look forward to another exciting year of building bridges between the different faiths! Noirin Lynch, (Director of the Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue) who recently joined the steering group of the Sisters of Faith for Peace is delighted to be on board and appreciative of the warm welcome extended!    

December 2018

Seasonal Greetings

A blessed and peaceful Advent time to all our friends and volunteers from all here at the Margaret Aylward centre. May your Christmas time be filled with hope, healing, laughter and love.   We want to take this moment to thank you for all your support this past Autumn/Winter. We will have the Spring/Summer 2019 programme available in January, which we will advertise here, on our social media and in our monthly email newsletter (click here to sign up for newsletter).   God bless Noirin

Golden Wonders Group from Whitefriar Street.

What a pleasure to welcome Sr Hilda Murphy (Holy Faith sisters, Coombe) and her Golden Wonders Group from Whitefriar Street, for a Christmas afternoon tea in the Margaret Aylward centre. After a beautiful prayer, Sr Hilda had everyone singing carols, hymns, calypso’s and more! A wonderful celebration of life and of Christmas! We look forward to welcoming the group back in the summer time!  

We want to say thank you to all who have shared their gifts with us here in the Margaret Aylward Centre.  To speakers, volunteers, participants, staff and facilitators: Thank you.  To schools, businesses, parishes, holistic and faith groups and to community development gatherings: Thank you.  To caterers, cleaners, florists, maintenance and emergency support: Thank you.  May Advent be a blessed time for you all.

September 2018

Culture Night 2018 – Ancient Ground

Culture Night is celebrated every September, when free cultural events are held in towns and cities all over the country. Wherever and however you celebrated Culture Night 2018, we hope you had as nice a time as we had here in the Margaret Aylward Centre. We walked, talked, sang and celebrated thanks to the enthusiasm of botanists, the experience of historians and the joy of youthful singers! Maria Cullen and Howard Fox started the evening with the very popular Botanical Walk, providing our new brochure [...]

August 2018

New developments in the Margaret Aylward Centre

For the past three years Sr Brenda Quinn has been Director of our centre. Her warm, kind and creative leadership has seen it blossom. As Brenda steps into a new role on the Generalate (international leadership team); the Holy Faith Sisters have taken the generous step of opening up the post of Director to the wider community. We want to take this opportunity to thank Brenda for her dedication and wish her well in her new roles.    In May 2018, Noirin [...]

May 2018

Annual Margaret Aylward Conference – April 2018

What Might Empowering Justice Look Like? A special conference, at the end of April, invited participants to reflect on justice, empowerment and empowerment through networking. After an excellent mornings reflection from Diarmuid O’ Murchu, participants were invited to apply the principles of this vision to particular areas of work –  Advocacy, Activism, Community Engagement, Homelessness, Prison, or Addiction.  A wonderfully rich conversation flowed that inspired and benefited all present.  After a fantastic day, Sr. Brenda summed it up well when she expressed deep gratitude for Diarmuid’s input [...]

April 2018

“The World is Charged With the Grandeur of God.”

“The World is Charged With the Grandeur of God.”    Gerard Manley Hopkins.    April gifts us with a chance for a new beginning.  Lengthening daylight and the appearance of flowers from the cold earth can lift our hearts and renew our energy.  Easter too can be a new beginning, a moment for us to find new hope and joy.  We wish you a happy Springtime and Eastertide, a time when we can stop and breath in all the promise these delightful [...]