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Sisters of Faith for Peace are women of all faiths and cultures who come together to work for the common purpose of peace, believing that we are all created by God and lasting peace can be achieved by women working  in cooperation with men, in mutual dignity and respect.

Sr Brenda Quinn from the Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue recently met Doris Mc Cann, the Chairwoman of the group SFP, who subsequently invited her to attend a social gathering on October 19 2015, hosted by Christ Church Cathedral. Women from many faiths participated, in particular the three Abrahamic faiths – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. They were given a tour of Christ Church Cathedral after which they had time to chat over a cuppa.  Brenda will look forward to meeting the group again and to growing in appreciation for the richness in diversity of faith and culture.

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You can read more about the October 19 gathering and see photographs on their Facebook page. 

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