Colour In The Cracks!

Just sharing a recent sight that spoke, indeed is still speaking Hope to my spirit and brought unexpected Joy to my heart; a gift from “the God of Perpetual Surprises”

(Pope Francis, Lumen Fidei 35).

Having been ill and cocooned for roughly a month my world view was limited to that outside of my apartment patio window; and to be honest,I felt my spirit and heart space had also constricted with our Covid restrictions…

Imagine the surprise when on my first outing as I turned my patio corner I beheld an array of colour and new life blossoming in the pavement cracks; seeds of last summer’s flowers emerging to bloom in unexpected hard spaces…

Isaiah, Leonard Cohen and Mary Oliver’s wise words wove within, lending insight and a musical backdrop to this visual lesson…

“See…listen…incline your ear…look…that you may live… (Isaiah 55)

There is a Crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in… (Anthem, Leonard Cohen)

Pay attention…it doesn’t have to be the blue iris… (Praying, Mary Oliver)

And as my regular Covid morning prayer pal reminded me, if I pay attention, Colour in Cracks could be “a doorway into thanks, and a silence in which another voice may speak” (Mary Oliver)

Author: Carol Barry

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