Don Bosco Care Staff at the Margaret Aylward Centre.


Don Bosco Care provides Residential Care and Aftercare for 32 boys aged 10 – 21 years at 6 houses across north Dublin. These young people are referred to us for care because it is unsafe for them to live with their families. We also provide an Outreach aftercare service to 60 boys and girls who have moved or are moving from care to independence.

The talks on the day with our care staff were about the spiritual aspect of the Don Bosco Ethos, and focussed on the person of St. John Bosco, on his extraordinary faith and spirit of prayer in the face of the most demanding  and challenging situations in his work with very deprived young people, many of whom were homeless. Emphasis was put on how we nurture our own spiritual lives in today’s world and how we nurture/feed the spirit of the young people we work with.  Feedback from staff on the day was very positive.



Fr. Val Collier addressing the Don Bosco Care Staff at the Margaret Aylward Centre.

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