FAITH FOR LIFE – Nurturing the call received in Baptism…..

FAITH FOR LIFE – Nurturing the call received in Baptism….. Deepening the connection between faith and life.

Twenty one participants recently completed the ‘Faith For Life course run by the Archdiocese of Dublin at the Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue, Glasnevin. They were one of two groups, who will be awarded their certificates in a special ceremony at St Paul’s, Arran Quay on April 13 2016.

The ‘Faith For Life’ course was designed by the dioceses of Liverpool and Dublin working together. It offers people the opportunity to discover more energising and empowering ways to live out their faith in the reality of today’s world. It aims to help them to become more open, confident, trusting and willing to work for change.
The course takes place over four weekends, each weekend includes a variety of activities: conversation, input, personal and group reflection, prayer and liturgy. In between the weekends, participants meet in small local groups, which helps to strengthen friendships and consolidate learning.

One of the participants has this to say about the course:
Clare says:
‘The course was great fun and it was a privilege to journey for a while with my new faith companions. If I was to choose one word to describe my experience of the course it would be “challenged”.
– challenged to become the person God wants me to be
– challenged to be church and to work for social justice and change
– challenged to do my bit to care for the environment (“our common home”)
– challenged to live faithfully according to the Gospel.’

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