Four Parishes, Four Events – Summer Solstice

About 50 people from the Cluster of Parishes of Blakestown, Hartstown, Huntstown and Mountview in Dublin 15, with some of the Priests and Sisters of the Cluster, celebrated a three hour vigil to mark the Summer Solstice in the beautiful Margaret Aylward Centre.

The focus of the evening was on ”Jesus the Light of the World“. The Centre was ideal for this event…only a 20 minute drive for us – yet we had a sense of being very far away from our normal surroundings and immersed in the beauty of nature. The event was organized by representatives of the Parishes… ”Ambassadors of Mercy” and was the second of “Four Parishes, Four Events“ –  a Cluster initiative  for the Year of Mercy.

The Centre provided an ideal setting for our Meditation, Walks in Nature, Procession and Ritual of Candles, Incense  etc…together with songs on the rooftop terrace and a shared “cuppa”. The Holy Faith Sisters made us very welcome and at home, we realise how blessed we are to have such a lovely venue so close to our Parishes and look forward to other events there in the future.

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