Home From South Sudan


Sr. Brenda Quinn, Director of the Margaret Aylward Centre for Faith and Dialogue, has recently returned to Ireland after spending two months in South Sudan.  The Holy Faith Sisters are working collaboratively with the St. Patrick’s Missionary Society, also known as the Kiltegan Fathers, in the establishment of a primary school in Riwoto, a village in a very remote area in the south of South Sudan.

“It was a wonderful experience of life in a different culture with some of the poorest people in our world. The children’s eagerness to learn was truly inspiring.  The experience of difference in culture, language and the expression of faith was enriching.  I believe it will be a positive influence in the development of our mission here in our centre for faith development and ecumenical and inter-faith dialogue. I feel lucky and very privileged to have had the opportunity to live among and work with our sisters and brothers in South Sudan who so desperately want a better future for their children and a country free from the devastation of war.”

For further information on our mission in South Sudan visit us at www.holyfaithsisters.org

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